Complete The Square By Finding The Missing Number!

“Brain Teaser: Complete The Square By Finding The Missing Number” is an exciting puzzle that requires people to use their thinking skills to come up with a solution. To solve this puzzle, people need to identify the problem and find the correct answer. Only individuals with high intellectual power can solve this puzzle. Let us see if we can solve this brain teaser.

Brain Teasers

A brain teaser is a type of puzzle that requires thought and problem-solving skills. Brain teasers are a form of exercise, question, or puzzle that can significantly enhance cognitive skills.

Brain Teaser Puzzles provide a complete brain workout for children and adults as they engage both the right and left sides of the brain. The right side of the brain is responsible for creativity, emotions, and intuitive thinking, while the left side is responsible for analytical, systematic, and objective thinking.

There has been an increased interest in solving brain teasers. In this article, we have provided one brain teaser puzzle for people to solve.

Brain Teaser: Complete The Square By Finding The Missing Number

This brain teaser puzzle is relatively simple and easy to solve if people understand the problem. To solve this puzzle, people need to analyze the problem and come up with the correct answer.

Brain teasers can help test people’s intelligence and cognitive skills in an innovative way. While solving these puzzles, people need to fully concentrate on finding the solution.

We have provided an exciting brain teaser puzzle, and we hope that people will find it interesting to solve.

Check the picture below to see what this math problem is. Were you able to solve this math puzzle? If not, we have included the solution to this brain teaser below.

Complete The Square

Brain Teaser: Complete The Square By Finding The Missing Number – Solution

If people are still trying to solve this brain teaser puzzle, we have provided the answer.

Instead of scrolling down to see the answer, take a few minutes to analyze the problem. We hope that people can answer this brain teaser puzzle.

If people are still struggling to find the solution, they should apply the rules that appear after determining individual values of the numbers to arrive at the solution.

The answer to this brain teaser puzzle is :

Row 1

1+8+18 = 27 = (3 x 9)

Row 3

6+11+16 = 33 = (3 x 11)

Therefore, the sum of the numbers in Row 2 = 30 (3 x 10)

13+14+3 = 30

Missing Number = 14

Complete The Square 1
Image Source: Fresherslive

This brain teaser is an excellent way to test your math skills and sharpness. The above answer is the correct way to answer this puzzle. You need unique thinking and a creative mindset to solve these brain teasers. There are various types of brain teasers, including riddles, picture puzzles, and logic puzzles.

How to Solve a Mathematical Brain Teaser?

Whether you enjoy math or not, you must have utilized math rules to solve a variety of mathematical expressions and equations in school. There is no comparison to the satisfaction of correctly solving an equation, is there?

You can solve math brain teasers if you have math skills, logical understanding, and a basic understanding of math operations. If you have an interest in solving brain teaser puzzles, refer to our website and learn more about brain teaser puzzles and how to solve them!

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