Reports Claim Sam Asghari Divorcing Britney Spears Over Her Post-Conservatorship Freedom

Sam Asghari was initially a staunch supporter of Britney Spears’ efforts to end her conservatorship. But new reports suggest he later changed his stance, leading to their divorce.

Sources tell Entertainment Tonight that after the conservatorship ended, dynamics in the relationship shifted. Spears felt free but Asghari supposedly struggled with her newfound liberation.

Insiders say Spears could be argumentative at times and felt Asghari limited her autonomy. Before the conservatorship ended, he was very supportive. But once Spears was free, she wanted to embrace her independence.

Additional sources claim Spears sensed things changing with Asghari after being freed from the conservatorship routine. Spears felt he was starting to control her again – something she’ll never allow after her past constraints.

During Spears’ 2021 legal battle to terminate the conservatorship, reports indicated Asghari viewed her father as too controlling. Some perceived him as an obstacle in their relationship.

Spears’ conservatorship officially ended in November 2021. She and Asghari married in June 2022 but split a little over a year later. Asghari filed for divorce in August 2023.

In a statement, Asghari said he and Spears decided to end their journey together, but will keep mutual love and respect.


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