Childhood  Fears Personality Test, what is the picture you drew the most in your childhood? Decode your biggest fears.

Childhood  Fears Personality Test


Childhood  Fears Personality Test: Get to know your subconscious better by solving this very popular internet mental test.
You just have to remember a childhood habit! Regarding personality tests, the one we will share with you next is

one of the most used by users to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
If you haven’t solved this mental test yet, we encourage you to challenge yourself and face your childhood fears. Just relax and remember the moments from your childhood when you used to scribble in your notebooks.

Connect with your inner self in this online test! What figure from the personality test did you draw the most in your childhood? Before starting, you should know there is no time limit to solve this evaluation.

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Your choice won’t be wrong, as it will only represent what you feel inside and help you get to know yourself better. Get comfortable, visualize the image, and choose the figure that takes you back to your childhood.
Check HERE the results of the online test.

Answered Childhood  Fears Personality Test


If you always draw a circle in your notebook, it means that you feel comfortable in close-knit groups, so you prefer familiar environments and avoid open spaces and crowds. This could indicate agoraphobia.


You are attracted to the mysterious and mystical, you trust your intuition, and you are uncomfortable with impulsive people, loud laughter, and shouting. This figure from the online test indicates that you have limited sociability.


If your notebooks are filled with this symbol, you are an incurable dreamer focused on your inner world. You fear the outside world and, especially, death.


This figure from the mental test indicates that you have an analytical and logical mindset. In that sense, you seek the truth in everything, are afraid of the unknown, and often experience anger towards yourself and others.


Those who drew spirals in their childhood tend to be creative and approach situations with originality, sometimes showing an eccentric personality. You avoid pragmatism and fear that it will limit your creativity.


If you identify with this figure from the personality test, you are extremely organized, rational, and meticulous. You prefer to keep everything under control. You don’t believe in destiny and consider that everything depends on you. Chaos is your enemy, as it can interfere with your carefully organized plans.

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