Scottish Woman Changes Name to Avoid Apple’s Siri Activation


Scottish Woman Changes Name to Avoid Apple’s Siri Activation


Scottish Woman Changes Name to Avoid Apple’s Siri Activation: The life of a Scottish woman turned upside down after Apple made a small change to its digital assistant software in a recent update, forcing this personal trainer from Edinburgh to take drastic measures, writes the NY Post.
Siri Price (26) was already annoyed when Apple released its voice-activated digital assistant, Siri, in 2011. She loved her name, which supposedly means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory” in Old Norse.
On the other hand, Apple’s Siri is an acronym for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface. The program was designed to help users access information and perform simple tasks. All users had to do was say the phrase, “Hey, Siri.”
To avoid triggering Apple’s Siri on her phone whenever someone approached her and greeted her, Siri Price came up with a simple solution with her friends.
“I work in a gym with a lot of people around, so everyone quickly learned not to say ‘Hey’ when they greet me to avoid activating it. It was uncomfortable but tolerable,” she recalled.

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It worked fine until the recent Apple iOS 17 update, which now allows users to activate the virtual assistant just by saying “Siri” without the “Hey” before, for example, asking her to read the news, check the weather, or add something to their shopping list.

“Now people can’t even say my name. I am absolutely furious. My colleagues had to sit down and come up with a workaround because their phones were constantly activating,” she said.
She didn’t have many choices, so she decided to change her name to Siz. She started using that nickname to avoid any further frustration, although it still irritates her and those close to her.
“The other day, my boyfriend got a new update, and after that, he noticed that his phone wakes up every time he talks to me. I’m sure Apple could have chosen something else because there are many people named Siri, and their lives have simply become unbearable now,” she said.

Alexa is a human Apple’s Siri is not the only robot assistant that irritates people and prompts them to change their names. There is also Amazon’s Alexa, which has resulted in parents no longer giving their babies that name.
This virtual assistant appeared in 2014 and is supposedly named after the Library of Alexandria – one of the largest and most significant libraries in the ancient world.

Since then, people around the world who are named Alexa have launched a campaign called “Alexa is Human” to encourage others with that name to join them and collectively

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