Challenging Matchstick Puzzle: Remove 5 Matchsticks to Create 5 Squares!

This challenging matchstick puzzle requires you to remove 5 matchsticks from a square formation to create 5 smaller squares. It’s a popular brain teaser that has captured the interest of many puzzle enthusiasts. We’ve provided the puzzle and its solution below.

Challenge yourself with the “Challenging Matchstick Puzzle”

This particular matchstick puzzle is considered one of the most difficult brain teasers out there. We challenge you to solve it without looking at the solution. If you find it too easy, give yourself a time limit and see if you can solve it in a few seconds. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t solve it on the first attempt; keep trying until you succeed. Solving this puzzle will be a sweet victory.

Challenging Matchstick Puzzle
image source: fresherslive

The Solution to the Matchstick Puzzle

The solution to this puzzle is shown in the picture below. Check your answer against the solution to see if you got it right. Keep practicing with matchstick puzzles to improve your problem-solving skills.

Challenging Matchstick Puzzle 2
image source: fresherslive

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