Prediction of death by cat therapy, OScar a cat with the power to predict the death of the elderly


cat with the power to predict the death of the elderly


cat with the power to predict the death of the elderly: In the United States, there was a cat that served as a “therapy cat” in a nursing home and had the remarkable ability to “predict” deaths.

During its “service,” it accurately predicted the impending death of nearly 100 patients and stayed by their side until their last moments, allowing family members to cherish their final moments with their loved ones.

According to reports from various American media outlets, this cat, named Oscar, was initially adopted by a nursing home to work as a therapy cat. However, after a while, staff members started noticing Oscar’s peculiar behavior.

cat with the power to predict the death of the elderly
photo: New York Times and Daily Mirror


Reports suggest that when Oscar chose to spend a long time with a particular patient, that patient was likely to pass away within a few hours.
The accuracy of Oscar’s predictions was incredible and even documented in the Journal of Critical Care.

In one case, a staff member was convinced that a certain patient was nearing death, but Oscar refused to sit with that patient and instead stayed with another patient who appeared to be healthier.
As expected, the patient next to Oscar did indeed pass away first.

Researchers have speculated that Oscar may be able to detect certain biochemical smells released by cells when a person is approaching the end of their life.
This could explain why it chooses to accompany patients during their final moments. However, other factors, such as the patient’s body temperature or the relationship between Oscar and the patient, may also influence Oscar’s judgment.

Nevertheless, none of these factors can fully explain the accuracy of Oscar’s predictions regarding patient deaths.

Furthermore, staff members at the nursing home have expressed gratitude to Oscar as many families of the deceased have appreciated the unique gift it possessed.
Thanks to Oscar’s abilities, loved ones were able to be with the patient until their last breath.

Oscar passed away in 2022, having accurately predicted the deaths of over 100 individuals during its lifetime.



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