Canadian influencer gets real about postpartum bodies: ‘Feels like expectation city’

Canadian influencer gets real about postpartum bodies: Sarah Nicole Landry, known as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram on Wednesday with a body-positive message about self-love, the lack of grace extended to new mothers, and the pressure to bounce back to their pre-baby bodies.

Landry shared two side-by-side photos of her postpartum abdomen — one cradling her newborn daughter at the time, and the other without her.

Canadian influencer gets real about postpartum bodies

Under the snap with her daughter, The mom-of-four, from Guelph, Ont. included on-screen text that read, “Awww!” while the other side read, “Gross.”

In the accompanying caption, Landry shared a heartfelt message reminding her fans of the importance of self-acceptance.

She began by observing that having a child or not “does not validate a body or stretch marks.”

Canadian influencer gets real about postpartum bodies 1
PHOTO: Instagram/Sarah Nicole Landry

In the comments, fans praised Landry’s vulnerability and thanked her for the important reminder.

“Yes to all of this,” an Instagram user wrote.

“I’m in the same boat!” another person shared. “It’s definitely a process. Seeing others who look similar is so helpful.”

Someone else penned: “These are all such excellent points. I love ‘you deserve to carry your own life.'”

“Powerful message,” a fan commented.

“This is beautiful. Thank you for being strong and honest real,” added another.

PHOTO: Instagram/Sarah Nicole Landry
PHOTO: Instagram/Sarah Nicole Landry


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