Can You Spot the Hidden Monkey in this Optical Illusion IQ Test within 5 Seconds?

Can You Spot the Hidden Monkey?: An optical illusion is an image that can be perceived differently and reveal hidden aspects of our personality and intelligence. This particular optical illusion features a monkey hidden behind diagonal lines.

Can You Spot the Hidden Monkey

Challenge yourself to identify the hidden monkey within 5 seconds! While this test is a fun way to exercise your brain and vision, an IQ test can provide more accurate insight into your intelligence level.

Spot the Hidden Monkey 2
Image Source: bright side




If you have prepared your answer, it’s time to see the answer below. If your answer was correct, give yourself a pat on the back, and if not, don’t be discouraged!




Answer to The Spot the Hidden Monkey

If you’re having trouble finding the monkey, don’t worry! Try looking closely at the lines or squinting. You can also scroll the image up and down or tilt it slightly to help reveal the hidden image.

For those who need a hint, we’ve provided an image of the monkey’s face below. Scroll up and down and tilt the image to see the monkey hiding behind the lines.

Spot the Hidden Monkey 3
Image Source: bright side

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