Buying a valuable vase for $3.99, it turned out to be worth $100,000


Buying a valuable vase for $3.99, it turned out to be worth $100,000


Buying a valuable vase for $3.99: THE NEW YORK TIMES – Jessica Vincent entered a lively Goodwill sale in the Hanover area of Virginia, passing through videocassettes, lights, and video objects commonly sold by big sellers. I didn’t care about her until she was in a heartfelt glass vase.

After giving the flower once, turn it around the vase in a garden format with red and green flowers. He noticed a small “M” on the lower part which he credited as representing Murano, a northern island of Venice and the historic Italian art of art.

It gives you a feeling that something could be worth something.

“I have the feeling that it could be a piece of US$ 1 million or US$ 2 million,” she said, adding, “but I have no idea how good it was that a little bit of money was.”

You don’t have the price of a jar. Vincent, 43 years old, told me she paid US$8.99 and no more. When you order chamou, it costs US$3.99.

When you go to the Goodwill store, you join Facebook groups to identify glasses to find out more about the jar. Some members told us that it seemed like the project was designed by Carlo Scarpa, a renowned Italian architect, and we walked to the home of Leilões Wright Auction House.

He sent you photos and almost immediately Richard Wright, president of Leilões’ home, decided to join you. “The minute you see the photos, you get a great feeling,” he said.
On the fourth day, 13, the vase was sold for US$107,100 to a private art collector not identified in Europe. Seeks US$83,500 for Vincent, and seeks US$23,600 for Wright Auction House.

The specialists who validate the piece will determine that the group starts from the “Brushstroke” series that Scarpa created in the 1940s. It’s not clear how many vases were like them, Wright said.

Buying a valuable vase for $3.99-1
Jessica Vincent made a surprising discovery in her local Goodwill this summer.

He said that I was most impressed by the flawless condition of the video.

“If you had an arrangement – even if it was small – it would probably sell for less than US$10 million,” he said. “I am the one who won the most prized lottery.”

Not as clear as the Goodwill jar. A representative from Goodwill Industries was not met immediately on Sunday, 17.
Specialists at Wright Auction House initially estimated that the farm vase would fetch between US$30 million and US$50 million. Considering the monetary value, Vincent said that she knows that she doesn’t want to be like him.

“When you discover how rare he is and the value that we can possess, I am so nervous about seeing him, because anyone who can count on him,” she said. “When you hear such a dear thing, you always think, ‘What if?’”

Her mind is turned to the vase being robbed, someone invading her house or the vase being ruined by a fire or some type of natural disaster.

“I know that I want to give back to the world of art. We don’t know that it exists,” Vicente said. “I know I’m safe from obscurity.”

And, in a certain way, ele a salvo também, she said.

In Janeiro, Vincent, who trains polo horses, bought a farmhouse built in 1930. It requires great reforms and, for that matter, is being watered down with two water heaters. As you bought it, you hope to update your quenching system, install a washing machine, and add your items.

Vincent said that the visit was short with his mother from the time he was a girl and he wanted to look for treasures hidden for many years. Vincent also said that she is an avid fan of the “Antiques Roadshow” and loves shopping for her purchases.

Previously, I bought it for a few dollars, such as a sculpture in Madeira de Bali and lithographs by Burt Groedel, which certifies that it is worth a few thousand dollars.
For all your years of shopping for the shorts, well, you never hope that a discovery would change your life, but it’s a different story, she said.

“You never know what you’re going to meet,” said Vincent. “It’s the emotion of shit.”

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