After being buried alive for 7 days MrBeast came out of the coffin with tears in his eyes

buried alive for 7 days: MrBeast burst into tears at his latest challenge, which had him buried alive in a coffin for seven days.

The YouTuber, whose real name is Jamie Donaldson, is best known for his extremely complicated and expensive stunts and challenges that can test his physical limits and that of others.

In his latest video, Donaldson attempted to beat the record he set in 2021 when he was buried alive for 50 hours. This time, the 25-year-old was encased in a transparent coffin where the rest of his crew could see him through cameras and talk to him via walkie-talkie.


Donaldson had food and water with him to help him last seven days, but it proved to be much more mentally demanding than he anticipated.

At moments of challenge, including when he was freed from the coffin and dirt, he began to cry. Donaldson even admitted that he did not understand why he was crying at this moment.

After completing the challenge, there were concerns that Donaldson would not be able to stand up properly because he might have blood clots in his legs.

buried alive for 7 days MrBeast
credits: MrBeast on YouTube

Fortunately for him, that didn’t happen and the doctor allowed him to celebrate by completing the challenge as well as gaining over 200 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, passing the milestone while he was underground.

This new achievement doesn’t come for Donaldson after fellow YouTuber Rosanna Pansino accused her of “faking” her videos.

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