Miracle in Mexico: Survives Headshot as Bullets Deflect Off Skull Mexican man


Bullets Deflect Off Skull Mexican man


Bullets Deflect Off Skull Mexican man: named Francisco can consider himself fortunate to be alive after being shot in the head multiple only to have the bullets bounce off.

The incident occurred on August 2nd in the Gustavo A. Madero neighborhood of Mexico City when Francisco was approached by a man identified as Carlos N., who shot him.
The attack, but what has captured headlines is the miraculous outcome of the gunshots. Instead of penetrating Francisco’s skull, the bullets ricocheted off, resulting in minor flesh wounds.

The survival of Francisco can be attributed to a combination of several factors. it appears that the bullets used by the assailant were old and the gunpowder was unusually damp. Additionally, the gun had a small caliber and a short barrel, reducing the velocity and piercing power of the bullets.

Es Francisco.
Y así esperaba tranquilo una ambulancia en @TuAlcaldiaGAM
Carlos García le disparó con esta pistola, pero solo quedó en leves heridas.
Agentes de @SSC_CDMX Sector Quiroga, lo ayudaron y detuvieron al tipo. pic.twitter.com/UHPVvDfqFw

— Carlos Jiménez (@c4jimenez) August 2, 2023

As a result, they merely bounced off Francisco’s skull. Despite sustaining only minor injuries, Francisco was able security guards who apprehended the assailants.
The motive behind the attack mystery, but this middle-aged Mexican man can indeed consider himself incredibly lucky.

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