BTS’ Suga Set to Commence Mandatory Military Service in South Korea

BTS’ Suga Set to Commence Mandatory Military: BTS’ Suga is poised to begin South Korea’s compulsory military service.

“We would like to notify our fans that SUGA has started the military enrollment process by applying for the termination of his enlistment deferment,” Big Hit Music said in a statement on Weverse.

The statement continued: “We ask for your ongoing love and support for SUGA until he finishes his military service and safely returns. Our company will make every effort to support our artist.”

The news comes just one day after the K-pop rapper/singer/songwriter wrapped his Agust D tour backing his debut album D-Day. The latest leg concluded with three shows from Aug. 4-6 at Seoul’s KSPO Dome.

BTS’ Suga Set to Commence Mandatory Military

After his final set, Suga appeared on Weverse live to deliver a heartfelt message to ARMY. “I came to say hi after my last concert,” he said, showing his tattoo when a fan asked about it. But the “Haegeum” performer grew emotional about the tour’s end.

“I think I had a fun tour these last months. I really don’t cry often,” he said before reflecting on BTS’ journey. “Those past 10 years went by like a movie. I started tearing up thinking about it.”

While hinting at postponing his service, Suga didn’t directly address it. “I think it’s untrue if I say ‘soon,'” he told fans. “Let’s reconvene in 2025, OK? Please wait a bit longer. 2025. See you then!”

Under South Korean law, all able-bodied men 18-28 must serve 18-21 months in the military.

The Korean government grants exemptions to certain athletes, musicians, and dancers with prestigious honors. But K-pop stars and entertainers don’t receive those privileges.

BTS' Suga Set to Commence Mandatory Military
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In 2020, however, BTS deferred enlisting until 30 after a law change allowed K-pop stars to delay service until then.

Jin, the first member to turn 30, enlisted in late 2022. In April, 29-year-old J-Hope began the process too.

With looming service, the band announced in 2022 they looked forward to reuniting around 2025 after completing it.

In April, Suga released his solo debut D-Day and the documentary SUGA: Road to D-Day, which showed his vulnerable creative process.


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