Two Dogs Shot Dead After Brutal Attack on Pregnant Sheep

Brutal Attack on Pregnant Sheep: A gripping tale unfolded at a Welsh farm when two American XL bulldogs went on a rampage, mercilessly slaughtering 22 pregnant sheep and leaving 48 others injured. The harrowing incident took place in Rhosllanerchrugog, North Wales, earlier this year.

Escaping from their home, the ferocious American bullies unleashed their aggression on the defenseless flock, causing devastation. The farmer, in a valiant attempt to protect his livestock, struggled to regain control over the dogs, only to face their aggression himself.

Brutal Attack on Pregnant Sheep
Image Source: Noel Woulfe

“After numerous unsuccessful attempts to halt the dogs’ assault on his livestock, the farmer found himself in a dangerous encounter with one of the dogs,” North Wales Police revealed in a statement. “In the end, the farmer had no choice but to take down both dogs on the spot.”

David Hughes, the owner of the dogs, appeared before the court on August 22, where he pleaded guilty to charges of being in charge of a dangerously uncontrollable dog and owning a dog that poses a threat to livestock.

In the United States, more than 4 million people fall victim to dog bites every year, regardless of breed, with one out of every five bites requiring medical attention. Startling data from the Centers for Disease Control indicates that between 1999 and 2020, an average of 33 individuals lost their lives annually due to dog attacks.

big-american-bully-dog-Attack on Pregnant Sheep

American XL bulldogs represent the largest variant of the American bulldog breed, known for their impressive stature. Standing between 21 and 23 inches tall at the shoulder, these dogs have faced increasing scrutiny in the U.K. due to a rising number of attacks. MailOnline reported that two out of the four fatal dog attacks in 2021 involved XL bullies, while in 2022, the breed was implicated in six out of ten fatal incidents.

The U.K. has banned several other breeds, including the pit bull terrier, Japanese tosa, gogo Argentino, and fila Brasileiro. However, many argue that a dog’s breed does not determine its propensity for aggression.

“While we acknowledge that aggression has a genetic component, labeling an entire breed as dangerous is a sweeping generalization that fails to account for the individuality of dogs,” remarked Lynda Taylor, a university lecturer specializing in applied canine behavior and author of the book “Fear In Dogs: Theories, Protocols, and Solutions.” She continued, “The U.K.’s breed-specific legislation has significant flaws as it assumes all dogs of a particular breed are dangerous, relying heavily on the ‘nature’ side of the nature vs. nurture argument.”

Attack on Pregnant Sheep
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“Sadly, the damage inflicted by a large dog like an XL bully can be devastating compared to a bite from a much smaller dog, even if the intent is the same. Those who choose to keep such breeds must assume responsibility for both their dog’s well-being and the safety of the public.”

As a consequence of the incident, Hughes was ordered to pay £900 ($1,137) in fines and received a five-year ban on owning dogs. The financial toll on the farmer due to the attack exceeded £14,000 ($17,688).

“I wholeheartedly welcome this outcome, considering the horrific scene witnessed by the victim, who continues to suffer the consequences of the incident today,” stated Police Constable Chris James. “Livestock attacks inflict immense distress not only upon the animals but also their caretakers. The emotional and financial costs associated with such distressing events are utterly unacceptable.”

“Livestock protection is of utmost importance, and responsible dog ownership plays a vital role in combating these dreadful incidents, which occur far too frequently. It is crucial to always keep pets on a leash and under control when in the countryside. When left alone at home, ensure that the house and garden are secure, safeguarding both your furry companions and the welfare of others.”

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