Britney Spears Fans Take Over Sam Asghari’s Halloween Post Amid Divorce

Fans of pop star Britney Spears have completely taken over a post made by her ex, Sam Asghari, on Sunday.

Although some fans commented on the “Special Ops: Lioness” actor’s Halloween costume, others couldn’t stop commenting on their relationship as the two continue to navigate their divorce.

Britney Spears Fans Take Over Sam Asghari

Britney Spears Fans Take Over Sam Asghari

On Sunday, Sam took to Instagram to reveal that he was going as “John Lennon” for Halloween this year, although many fans had questions about whether or not he really pulled off the look. “Happy Halloween. Who did it better? #Fabio #JohnLennon,” he wrote in the caption. “In what world is that John Lennon?” one user asked.

“Fabio! Sorry, just being honest. Happy Halloween!” another follower wrote. “You are handsome but you are no Fabio lol,” a third fan chimed in. “You look more like Osama Bin Ladin than John Lennon,” another user commented. “You look amazing as a blonde…mmmm and that chest is to die for!” another fan gushed.

However, the comments section always seems to defer back to his divorce from Britney Spears, no matter what he posts.

Britney Spears Fans Take Over Sam Asghari 2

Many fans alluded to the fact that Britney referred to Sam as a “gift from God” in her memoir, “The Woman In Me,” which was released last Tuesday. “Don’t continue with the divorce procedures pls talking things over is a better solution than throwing it all away, you guys look like a beautiful couple, you should know that there are people out here who still have hope in your marriage,” one user commented.

“Relationships are work but if there’s love there’s always a reason to fight for it. I hope you and Britney can reconcile,” they continued. “Sorry to say, but let him go … She is an empress, and he is just a Cervante who even didn’t deserve that ….she doesn’t need anyone except herself and her true friends and fans….he already showed his true colors….” another user offered.

Others were not so optimistic that they could get back together. “GIRL BYE. I love your naive innocent fairytale positivity, but this ain’t it,” one user wrote. “This man used her like a Monday Football/ Fantasy Football playbook. I have no doubt in my mind he had to deal with her trauma-induced paranoia schizophrenia that she didn’t cause, but he knew what he was getting into prior to saying vows.”

Britney Spears Fans Take Over Sam Asghari 3

“So naturally as a grown a– adult, he would know if he left her how bad that would mentally affect her after just getting freed and trying to find out who she is again,” they continued. “That being said, any mature adult or MAN would’ve either stuck to it if they truly cared and loved her, or they would do as he did and get what he needed out of the codependent relationship and BOUNCE at the first chance or excuse of opportunity knocking.”

The user summed up their thoughts, writing, “Let’s be f—ing for real as grown a– adults right now and step back to view the full picture. With a husband like him, she doesn’t need enemies.” However, it prompted another follower to ask, “Omg stop why do y’all weirdo fans keep coming into his comment section, talking about Britney? Why do you even care? It’s not your life. Let it go.”

Britney Spears Fans Take Over Sam Asghari 4

Still, it prompted another user to comment, “Same time I think you and Britney are soul mates if she’s smart she’ll never lose you.” One netizen actually decided to tag Selena Gomez, who attended Britney’s wedding, in their comment, claiming that Sam and Selena would be a better couple. “I think Sam and Selena make a good couple; they were together on their wedding day,” they wrote, prompting one user to comment, “Then Britney kills them both.” Another follower shared, “Brit and Sam might really want to get back together. Don’t make her sensitive.”

As much as some fans would like to play matchmaker for their celebrities, a court has actually warned Britney Spears and Sam Asghari that they need to actually make a move on their divorce or it is going to get dismissed.


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