Woman Develops Unfortunate Hole in Eyelid After Botched Eyelid Surgery in China


Botched Eyelid Surgery in China


Botched Eyelid Surgery in China: A woman from Henan, China, surnamed Ji, went through further hardship after eyelid surgery. Ji had spent 2,980 yuan (RM1,896) to repair her previously damaged double eyelids.

However, she found a strange “hole” in her right eyelid after removing stitches. Ji discovered she could still see outside when closing her eyes through the hole, with tears even flowing from it. Strong winds and dust could enter during windy conditions.

Ji urgently returned to the cosmetic clinic for re-examination. But the clinic’s three attempts to re-stitch the hole all failed. The Chinese media outlet JiuPai News reported on Ji’s situation, noting she incurred the costs in Henan, China.

While the clinic claims Ji didn’t have the hole during surgery, they believe poor aftercare led to an eye infection and pus formation causing the hole.
Ji is now demanding 50,000 yuan in compensation from the clinic. The local health monitoring department has launched an investigation.

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