Boeing 787 successfully landed on the ice runway in Antarctica for the first time


Boeing 787 successfully landed on the ice runway


Boeing 787 successfully landed on the ice runway: A Norse Atlantic Airways Boeing 787 successfully landed in Antarctica for the first time on November 15, landing at the Troll research station in Queen Maud Land. The “blue ice runway” of this unconventional route presents a magnificent scene, allowing passengers to experience the beauty of the polar regions.

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According to CNN, this historic flight carried 45 passengers, including Norwegian scientists, and 12 tons of research equipment. The plane took off from Oslo, the capital of Norway, on the 13th. After stopping in Cape Town, South Africa, it started flying south, and finally successfully landed in the ice-covered land of Antarctica.

Opening a new chapter for scientific research in Antarctica
Bjørn Tore Larsen, CEO of Norwegian Atlantic Airways, said the entire team is very honored and excited about this important moment. He pointed out that this successful landing not only marked a new milestone for the Boeing 787 passenger aircraft but also opened up new possibilities for scientific research in Antarctica.

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The director of the Norwegian Polar Institute said the arrival of large aircraft in Antarctica would help reduce overall carbon emissions and environmental footprint while providing more opportunities for expeditions and scientific research. This move helps promote the integration of environmental protection and scientific exploration, opening up new possibilities for future research in polar regions.

The successful flight by Norwegian Atlantic Airways became a milestone in the history of aviation in Antarctica and shed new light on the aviation industry and scientific research.

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