The influencer who wore dyed pants at a gym tried to shame a woman for her workout clothes

body paint gym influencer: The influencer, who caused controversy after wearing body paint in the gym, this time faced more criticism in the virtual space. Because it is to divert attention to another woman who is training.

Natalie Reynolds has made headlines for the first time after confronting an athlete for her “inappropriate” clothing.

In the clip, Natalie can be seen wearing body paint in what can be described as a social experiment. She later explained that she was wearing underwear underneath.

A man approaches Natalie and says, “If you don’t have clothes on, you need to get out of here, lady.”
The influencer replied: I have clothes.

The man then said, “Not good, I have worked in the industry long enough to know. I work in entertainment.”
Natalie returned to X/Twitter later that day, writing, “Why is everyone acting like I’m naked LMAO. The amount of women wearing pants at the club… that’s not bad at all.”

body paint gym influencer
Natalie Reynolds/Twitter

She went on to compare the backlash to a male YouTuber, writing, “So a male YouTuber makes a video like this, but when I draw myself, everyone acts like the world is ending. Let me take my gains and grind it out. Peace please.”
On January 1, Natalie shared a clip of a woman working out at the gym in a different look, which included shorts and a sports bra.

“Nice to see people in the gym trying to improve themselves,” he wrote, and naturally it went down like a lead balloon.
“You have the personality of a 13-year-old,” one person replied, while another added: “Fuck you still doing that?”

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