Bobby the world’s oldest living dog, died at the age of 31 in Portugal.


Bobby the world’s oldest living dog


Bobby the world’s oldest living dog: Bobi, the world’s oldest living dog, passed away in Portugal at the age of 31.

According to a report by Hong Kong 01, the Guinness World Records announced this on Monday, October 23rd. The news of Bobi’s death was first announced on social media by a familiar veterinarian, Karen Becker.

She stated that Bobi passed away on October 21st and although it lived longer than any dog in history, its 11,478 days on Earth were still not enough for those who loved it.

According to the Guinness World Records, Bobi was born on May 11, 1992, and spent their entire life in the village of Conqueiros Costa in western Portugal.
Its owner, Leonel, revealed that when Bobi was 8 years old, their family’s hunter-father buried the newborn puppies due to financial constraints and an excessive number of animals at home.
Fortunately, Bobi managed to escape and was eventually discovered by Leonel and his siblings, who then allowed it to become a pet.

Regarding the secret to Bobi’s longevity, Leonel believes that living in a calm rural environment without being locked up or restrained, and eating the same food as its owner, contributed to its long life. Aside from a hospitalization in 2018 due to breathing difficulties, Bobi did not face any major health issues throughout life.

When Bobi celebrated its 31st birthday in May 2023, over 100 people attended the celebration.

However, Leonel disclosed that Bobi faced difficulties walking and experienced deteriorating vision before its passing.

Apart from Bobi, the other pet dogs in Leonel’s household also lived relatively long lives. Bobi’s mother lived to the age of 18, and another dog passed away at 22.


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