A woman who was bitten by a deadly snake in her bed was left in critical condition

bitten by a deadly snake: A 20-year-old woman was bitten by a very deadly snake in her bed and is in critical condition. A statement from Queensland Ambulance Service said the woman, who is based in the Western Downs region of Toowoomba, Australia, was sleeping when she was bitten on the hand by an eastern brown snake early Friday morning.

He was immediately airlifted to the hospital. The ambulance service reported that he was in stable condition during the flight. However, a spokesperson for Darling Downs Health, which runs the hospital, told media sources that the woman was still in a critical condition.

Eastern brown snakes are native to Australia. They are responsible for more snakebite deaths than any other species in the country. They have the world’s second-most venom, which can shut down a victim’s heart, diaphragm, and lungs within minutes.

A woman who was bitten by a deadly snake in her bed

The bite of this species is a medical emergency. They can be fatal if not treated immediately.

“No wonder I woke up,” said the ambulance service. Air medical crews were called to a remote property in the Western Downs just after 1 am. The woman’s family applied a bandage to the snake bite before local Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) paramedics arrived. The rescue helicopter pilot landed the helicopter in a secluded area. The emergency medical team prepared the patient to receive antivenom.”

The woman’s property was in a rural area, meaning snakes and other creatures were more likely to visit.

Australia is home to many other snake species, but the eastern brown snake is considered the most dangerous snake in the country.

bitten by a deadly snake
A helicopter rescue crew at the scene early this morning.(Supplied: LifeFlight)

Snake season in Australia is now in full swing, as it is now in the low summer. During the warm summer months, snakes become more active and sightings increase. It is not uncommon for snakes to run into the property this time of year. Snakes love to hide and are usually attracted by shelter. Residential areas can also attract rats and other small rodents, which are the preferred prey of many snake species.

Eastern brown snakes are calm creatures on the outside. Their dull brown color often means people mistake them for non-venomous species.

Snakes usually only bite humans when they feel threatened or vulnerable. But this small species is easily surprised, making bites more common. These tiny snakes also have very small bites, meaning they are often painless.

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