Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo in New Instagram Post

The sprawling spinal tat is the latest addition to the singer’s ink collection, which includes a dragon, fairies and her last name.

A month after soft-launching the sprawling spinal tattoo by posting just a small snippet of it, she shared a photo of the full design in a new Instagram carousel.

In the Wednesday photo dump, the 21-year-old singer included a picture of jack-o’-lanterns, a screenshot of a Drake lyric referencing her — and a shot of her massive back tattoo.

The photo appeared to be taken during the tattooing process just after the outline of the ink was done. (In the earlier photo she shared, the tattoo was entirely filled-in.)

Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo

Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo 3
PHOTO: Instagram/Billie Eilish

The black-ink tattoo, which spans from the nape of her neck to her lower back, is abstract and sci-fi-esque — an increasingly popular style that has been seen on stars like Grimes. It was done by tattoo artist Matias Milan, according to her earlier post.

Eilish simply captioned her photo dump with a scissors emoji.

Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo 1
PHOTO: Instagram/Billie Eilish

The huge back tattoo is just the latest addition to Eilish’s growing ink collection.

The ”What Was I Made For?” singer also has a large dragon tattoo that spans from her upper thigh to her lower abdomen, which she also showcased in a recent Instagram post.

In May, the musician shared a short clip of herself in which the black-ink tattoo is partially visible, the creature’s head peeking out slightly from the top of her jeans.

Previously, she showed a glimpse of the ink in a 2021 Vogue cover shoot, and again later that year at the Met Gala, where her red, high-slit gown exposed the body of the dragon, whose body rests on her upper thigh.

In her annual Vanity Fair interview in 2021, Eilish revealed that she had recently been inked with another fantasy-inspired tattoo.

“I just got this a few weeks ago, which is some fairies that are from a book that I had growing up — a little fairy book called Fairyopolis,” Eilish said in the interview, revealing the design on her left wrist and hand.

“They’re like my little guardian angel fairies,” she added.

Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo 2
PHOTO: Instagram/Billie Eilish

In the same interview, Eilish also shared that she has a chest tattoo that says her last name. “Yes, I love myself,” she said of the ink.

Billie Eilish Debuts Massive Abstract Back Tattoo: One of the singer’s friends, Annabel Zimmer, debuted the sternum tattoo on her Instagram account in June when she shared a bikini-clad photo of the musician. In the poolside picture, “Eilish,” outlined in a gothic font, peeks out from under her top slightly.

Though Eilish previously said she wanted to keep her ink private, telling Vanity Fair in 2020 that she “did get a tattoo, but you’ll never see it,” she changed her mind the following year.

“I love tattoos,” the singer said. “Right now, I feel pretty satisfied. I feel like in a good zone with them. I felt the urge for a while and now I’m like, ‘Ahh.’ ”

In a moment of foreshadowing, she added, “Give me a little more time and then I’ll get another one.”


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