Kanye West has been accused of “prostitution” by his wife after the gruesome photos were published

Bianca Censori prostituting photos: Kanye West has come under fire for sharing censored photos of his wife Bianca, which some have described as “horrendous.”

On Tuesday (Jan. 2), the rapper, who now legally goes by the name Ye, posted a random burst of uploads, including a censored photo of herself wearing a tiny bra, G-string, and leather corset while looking down at the floor. Entered Instagram.

“Did I drop some?” he wrote as a caption.

Another spotted the 28-year-old posing in the mirror, with one person speaking for many, writing: “It’s been weird.”
A third photo shows the censor in nothing but a J-band bracelet and fur, alongside the caption: “This is not the year of pants.”

sub-buzz-Bianca Censori prostituting photos
Kanye West slammed for posting ‘creepy’ photos of his wife Bianca

It didn’t take long for Ye’s 19 million followers to share their thoughts, with one commenting: “This photo is horrible and makes the hair on my neck stand up.”

Another asked the rapper to stop posting “this kind of stuff.”
A third wrote: Have you finished humiliating this woman or what?

A fourth begged: Stop prostitution.

Others suggested her posts conflicted with her Christian values, writing: “She preaches Christianity and then does things like this.”
This is not the first time that concerns have been raised about dangerous clothing and strange behavior.

Last year, comedian Kathy Griffin said that while she may “get in trouble for this video, she can no longer stay silent about the relationship and censorship.

“I can’t help it. I’m worried,” she wrote. “I don’t even know this woman, but I’m still worried.”

kanye-west-Bianca Censori prostituting photos
kanye west-instagram

We’ve all seen those photos of Kanye and his new wife Bianca Sansori, right? He said in a long TikTok clip. “I see those pictures when she’s in tights and she doesn’t even like a bandeau top, it’s really all about transparency.”

“When I see this woman who doesn’t have a voice, we haven’t heard a voice from her,” Griffin continues. “I heard she has a master’s degree in architecture from a university in Australia. She’s very beautiful and doesn’t seem to have any voice.”

“I don’t know him, I’m never going to meet him, but I just want to know what you think because it seems like what a controlling person would do,” he added after referring to Venice. Gives.” The boat hits

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