‘Barbie’ Receives First Positive Reactions After Premiere, Praising Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s Performances

After attending the Los Angeles premiere of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” on Sunday night, social media users shared their positive thoughts on the film’s comedy and the performances delivered by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Jamie Jirak from ComicBook.com tweeted, “… Greta Gerwig somehow exceeded my expectations. She tackles the positives and negatives of Barbie so beautifully. Give Ryan Gosling an Oscar nomination, I’m dead serious!”

Eric Heckler from the New York Film Academy stated that Ken is Gosling’s “best role to date — Greta Gerwig takes everything that has made him great in his previous films and combines them into a Super-Gosling.”

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Joseph Deckelmeier from ScreenRant tweeted that the “whole cast is brilliant” and described the movie as “funny, bombastic, & very smart. Greta Gerwig aims for the fences & hits a home run. Margot Robbie’s”funny, bombastic, & very smart. Greta Gerwig aims for the fences & hits a home-run. Margot Robbie’s performance is great & @RyanGosling & @SimuLiu are pure entertainment!”

Screenwriter Ben Mekler tweeted that “Barbie” is a “knockout.” He added,

“As a comedy, it’s a total crowd pleaser — as an indictment of capitalistic feminism and urgent call to go ahead and eat our pets if trapped with them following a major earthquake it is devastating,” Mekler added. “Gosling steals the show — absolutely loved it.”

Carla Renata, a film critic, said, “Greta Gerwig left me all in my feelings as did the production design, costumes, Hair and makeup! I was living for the dance numbers led by Simu Liu! It’s overblown fun with a feminist twist.”

Perri Nemiroff from Collider tweeted that the story is “mixed” but “the craftsmanship is incredible. In particular the costume & production design includes next-level work that heavily contributes to creating the feeling that these truly are Barbies, their dream houses, and their worlds come to life.”

Variety’s Katcy Stephan called “Barbie” “perfection.” She added, “Greta Gerwig delivers a nuanced commentary on what it means to be a woman in a whimsical, wonderful and laugh-out-loud funny romp. The entire cast shines, especially Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in roles they were clearly born to play.”

At the premiere, Gerwig expressed her feelings about finally sharing the highly anticipated movie with fans. “It’s really incredible, and I’m really just trying to, you know, take it in [and], like, not miss it. Because so much has led up to this moment,” she said. “It’s very emotional. It really is.”

“Barbie” will be released in theaters on July 21.

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