‘Barbie’ Beats ‘Dark Knight’ to Become Biggest Monday Box Office for Warner Bros. with $26M: Report

‘Barbie’ Beats ‘Dark Knight’: Barbie, the comedy led by Margot Robbie, has broken yet another box-office record, becoming Warner Bros. Pictures’ biggest-selling movie for a Monday ever, surpassing The Dark Knight. According to Variety, Barbie earned $26 million in North America on Monday, beating the $24.6 million earned by The Dark Knight in 2008.

'Barbie' Beats 'Dark Knight'

‘Barbie’ Beats ‘Dark Knight’

Meanwhile, Barbie has amassed $188 million in North America, while Oppenheimer, led by Cillian Murphy, earned $12.6 million on Monday, bringing its domestic total to $95 million since its release on Friday. Directed by Greta Gerwig, Barbie has made $382 million worldwide as of Monday, and it’s too soon to tell whether it will surpass The Dark Knight in total. Barbie follows the titular Mattel doll as she leaves Barbie Land to discover answers in the real world and costars alongside an extensive ensemble cast, including Ryan Gosling. The movie made $22.3 million in Thursday preview screenings alone, marking the biggest-ever debut for a movie directed by a woman.

christopher-nolan-emma-thomas-'Barbie' Beats 'Dark Knight'


Barbie and Oppenheimer are both playing in theaters now.


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