Balenciaga unveils a $925 bath towel skirt that looks more like a real bath towel.

a $925 bath towel skirt: With designer fashion house Balenciaga just launching a towel skirt for almost $1,000 (£695), the ‘just out of the bathroom’ look is in style.

Earlier this year, a towel skirt was shown at Demna Gvasalia’s Spring 2024 show in Paris, beige in color and made of cotton.

Of course, the Balenciaga logo is featured on the front, which is hand-embroidered.
In the model’s photos, the bath towel skirt is styled with a black hoodie, cream baggy pants underneath with black shoes and sunglasses to complete the look.

Balenciaga unveils a $925 bath towel skirt 1

While there are features like an adjustable waistband on the inside and two buttons at the waistline, it doesn’t really take away from the fact that it’s just a bath towel.
With all these features, this bath towel is quite expensive, costing $925 (£695) according to the fashion brand’s website, which is now taking pre-orders.

(Definitely not used as a real towel at this price)

It’s not the first time Balenciaga has released interesting, if questionable, pieces like $595 Croc Wellies, $1,850 “rotten” shoes, and a $1,152 bag that’s been compared to an “old Tesco bag.”

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