Automatic Escalators in Zhejiang Mountains: Convenience or Loss of Authenticity?


Automatic Escalators in Zhejiang Mountains


Automatic Escalators in Zhejiang Mountains: Without taking a single step or missing any scenery, several mountainous scenic areas in Zhejiang, China have caused a polarized reaction online by offering automatic escalators for a ‘painless climbing’ experience.

Automatic Escalators in Zhejiang Mountains-1
18 minutes from the top to the bottom: Tourists take the sightseeing escalator, branded as the world’s longest, on October 3

In the footage, multiple automatic escalators are built along the mountainside, allowing people to effortlessly reach the mountain peak while enjoying the beautiful views.

Automatic Escalators in Zhejiang Mountains-2
That’s a busy escalator: It can transport 7,300 people an hour from the top of the site right down to the canyon

However, this type of mountain climbing has also sparked mixed reactions. Some netizens believe that such climbing lacks soul and loses the true essence of mountain hiking.

Automatic Escalators in Zhejiang Mountains-3
Environmentally friendly? The escalator is made from local sustainable sources and plants have been planted right next to it

On the other hand, some netizens consider escalator climbing to be very user-friendly, enabling physically challenged individuals such as pregnant women, the elderly, and children to overcome physical limitations and climb mountains with ease.

Automatic Escalators in Zhejiang Mountains-4
The escalator was built in two phases with the final phase fully opened to the public on October 1


Automatic Escalators in Zhejiang Mountains-5
Expensive contraption: It cost some 32 million to build (£3.8 million) and takes 18 minutes to travel from start to finish




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