An Artist Commences Tattooing Children and Explains Its Importance for Them

In a world where body art serves as a prevalent form of expression, a controversial trend has emerged: a tattoo artist now tattoos children as young as six. This eyebrow-raising practice has sparked a heated debate, but we will witness how it will impact the lives of these children, leaving them with beaming smiles.

 Tattooing Children-The Origin of the Tattoo Journey for Kids

Artist Benjamin Lloyd went viral after he shared a post about tattooing a child. The post garnered over 400,000 likes, and since then, Lloyd’s videos and photos of him airbrushing tattoos onto children have gone viral as well, accumulating hundreds of thousands of likes and shares on his Facebook page.

An Artist Commences Tattooing Children

He has already visited Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, as well as IHC, an organization advocating for the rights of developmentally delayed individuals. He has been raising funds online to sustain his mission of bringing smiles to those in need.

Spreading Joy through Art and Passion

Tattooing Children: Initially, many people became angry, assuming the tattoos were permanent. However, in his post, Lloyd clarified, “It’s airbrushed on and not permanent.” All the children he tattooed were incredibly happy and confident.

Benjamin engages in this practice because, as he stated, “The kids are so amazed. As soon as they get the tattoo, it boosts their confidence.”

Artist Commences Tattooing Children
© Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection/Facebook

Safe and Organic Ink

 Tattooing Children: He employs organic, non-toxic ink that is safe for children. No needle is used, only an airbrush. The tattoos appear so real that people are deceived into thinking they are permanent. Benjamin pursues this endeavor not for the sake of likes and attention but to bring smiles to those children in need.

Confidence and Delight through Ink Art

Through his remarkable artwork in tattoos, he shares his talent with these children. The advantage of his work lies in the fact that he only requires approximately nine minutes to complete each realistic tattoo, using various stencils. Since the ink is organic, it can be washed off during showering. He mentioned, “The only downside is that they don’t want to take a shower afterward.”

Confidence and Delight through Ink Art
© Benjamin Lloyd Art Collection/Facebook

A tattoo is not merely an art form; it represents a powerful means of self-expression. It offers a unique outlet to convey our emotions and thoughts, enabling us to share our innermost feelings with the world. Like this form of expression, we transform our scars into something remarkable and beautiful, infusing creativity into our lives in a deeply personal manner.

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