Ariana Grande’s Friends Are Reportedly Concerned That Her Relationship With Ethan Slater Is Headed in Wrong Direction

Ariana Grande’s Relationship With Ethan Slater: Ariana Grande has had a whirlwind year, taking her from the set of Wicked in London back to New York City where she’s living a completely new life. Before she took off to film the two-part musical, she was married to Dalton Gomez and primarily living in Los Angeles. Now, she’s settled her divorce and is reportedly living with her co-star, Ethan Slater, who is also dealing with his divorce from Lilly Jay. It sounds like a lot in less than a year’s time, right?

Ariana Grande’s Relationship With Ethan Slater

Ariana Grande's Relationship With Ethan Slater 1

Well, that’s exactly what Grande’s pals are reportedly worried about, according to a National Enquirer source via RadarOnline. She hasn’t had time to process one relationship before diving head over heels into the next one. “Ariana falls hard and fast. That’s who she is,” the insider revealed. “Everyone is telling her to slow down before she makes another mistake — but she is that girl who can never stay single for long.”

The consequences of her involvement with Slater are big, too. Even though the talented duo insisted that there was no overlap with either of their marriages, Jay, who publicly called Grande “not a girl’s girl,” would tell you otherwise. The whispers of an affair were also called out by sources from the Wicked set, describing Grande and Slater’s flirtation “sloppy.” Grande is likely feeling the sting of the headlines that followed because she’s allegedly told her friends that they are forbidden to talk about her new romance.

Ariana Grande's Relationship With Ethan Slater 2

Slater and Grande are also inching closer to the spotlight after being seen at a celebrity hotspot in Manhattan canoodling together. And she was seen at the first preview performance of Spamalot, which Slater is currently starring in. She seemed thrilled to be there, judging from a fan’s Instagram video, but her BFFs are reportedly keeping a close eye on a relationship pattern she seems to get herself into — falling head over heels in love, and then getting bored of the person she’s with. Let’s hope her love this time around goes the distance!


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