Are you emotionally intelligent? Discover the answer just by choosing a bird from the test!

Are you emotionally intelligent?: A personality test that has gained a lot of attention is being shared on social media. The reason? Thousands of users believe it helps you discover things about yourself. If you have never dared to solve a mental exercise, then don’t miss this note.

Therefore, we want to introduce you to a new viral test that will allow you to explore the depths of yourself, so that you can find out if you are truly emotionally intelligent. Would you like to know the answer?

Are you emotionally intelligent Test

Choose the bird you like the most and learn more about yourself We will share an image with you that shows three bird species: a hummingbird, a toucan, and a parrot. Once you have analyzed each option, you will have to decide which one you like the most or think identifies you the best. Remember that you must be 100% honest with your choice.

Are you emotionally intelligent 1
image source: Pinterest

Now that you have chosen the bird you liked the most from the personality test, you can review the results of this exercise online. Keep in mind that the data provided is general and that there is nothing or no one that can define you, only yourself. Ready to know the answer?

Are you emotionally intelligent or not?


Are you emotionally intelligent 4
image source: Pinterest

You are a person who is aware of your actions and the consequences they can generate. Likewise, you try to continuously practice emotional responsibility to avoid harming others. You are constantly working to improve your emotional management, and you are extremely intelligent, which helps you in your personal growth.



Are you emotionally intelligent 3
image source: Pinterest

You are currently having a hard time analyzing things, and you allow your social environment to influence you, which is not always positive. Start taking more control of your actions but above all, of what you think.



Are you emotionally intelligent 2
image source: Pinterest

You are still having a hard time dealing with problems, and you don’t know how to handle complicated situations and prefer to run away. This is mainly due to the fear you still have inside you. However, you understand that everything is a process and try to enjoy it to the fullest.


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