Are you an unfaithful person? Choose your favorite bird and discover the surprising answer!

Are you an unfaithful person?: Are you confused about faithfulness in your relationship or do you think you’ve betrayed your partner? Don’t waste any more time and take this personality test that Galgoli offers you. This test will help you clarify your doubts and reveal the answers your inner self is seeking. Are you ready to do it?

Today, through a visual challenge, you can find out if you’re a potentially unfaithful person, just by making an important decision in the following illustration we’ll share with you. Are you ready to participate in this online exercise? If so, let’s start right now.

Are you an unfaithful person?

Choose your favorite bird from the test below. You’ll see 4 birds, each with unique colors, shapes, and characteristics. Once you’ve carefully observed all the options, you must decide on the one you like or prefer the most. Done! Afterward, you can review the results of the mental test.

Are you an unfaithful person
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Result of Personality Test

Now that you have chosen your favorite bird, scroll down to see the result. I’m sure the outcome will amaze you!



BIRD 1: When someone matters to you, failing is not an option within your possibilities or options, however, if things change or fail you, you won’t hesitate to ‘return’ or ‘pay back’ with the same coin, be careful, remember that revenge is not good.

BIRD 2: Before committing any infidelity, you think very carefully about the consequences of your actions. Besides, you have such a noble heart that it doesn’t allow you to perform actions that can harm others, but remember that some people may take advantage of your kindness.

BIRD 3: You’re a person vulnerable to committing any kind of infidelity, from writing affectionately with someone to committing a concrete act of disloyalty, even though you know that what you’re doing is wrong, you do little to change your attitude.

BIRD 4: You’re at a point in your life where you don’t feel ready for a formal relationship, so you don’t maintain any stable ties, and that’s not bad. You just have to keep in mind that as long as there’s honesty involved, someone will handle correctly everything.


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