Aquaman Director Says Amber Heard’s Role Was Always Reduced in Sequel

Aquaman Director Says Amber Heard’s Role: Aquaman director James Wan counters Amber Heard’s claim that her role as Mera was minimized amid her legal issues.

Aquaman Director Says Amber Heard’s Role

Heard reprises Mera in the Aquaman sequel after testifying in her Johnny Depp trial that her part was “pared down.”

But Wan now says Mera was never intended to be a main character in the new film. He always pitched it as focusing on Jason Momoa’s Arthur and Patrick Wilson’s Orm.

During the trial, Heard said she “fought hard” to stay in the sequel and claimed action scenes involving her character were removed.

However, Walter Hamada, former DC Films president, testified the role stayed the same and production went smoothly.

Aquaman Director Says Amber Heard 1

After the verdict favoring Depp, Heard’s rep denied rumors she was cut from the film altogether. In 2020, Heard said fan excitement meant she’d return.

But Wan maintains the sequel always centered on Arthur and Orm’s dynamic. Despite Heard’s testimony, he says her role was not reduced later on.

The director asserts Mera’s part in the “buddy comedy” follow-up was consistent from the start, countering the actress’s claims that it was diminished due to her personal legal issues.


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