New Reports Allege That Tom Cruise’s Relationship With Scientology May Have Taken an Unexpected Turn

New Reports Allege That Tom Cruise’s Relationship: Despite being Scientology’s “Golden Boy” for decades, new reports indicate Tom Cruise may have distanced himself from the controversial church in 2023.

According to the Mirror, the Mission Impossible star has reportedly stopped visiting the UK Scientology headquarters, though he’s been in the country for three years filming movies.

New Reports Allege That Tom Cruise’s Relationship

Cruise has been spotted around Birmingham and the Cotswolds but not near headquarters in his multi-year UK stay. There is a Church of Scientology building in central London, but Cruise hasn’t been seen there either.

This isn’t the first time rumors have emerged about Cruise “drifting away” from Scientology. Speculation began in 2021 after reports of a religious crisis, per Geo.TV, and Cruise has since seemingly tried rebranding as a movie megastar rather than Mr. Scientology.

Though the Oscar-nominated actor hasn’t commented on the allegations, many believe his actions speak louder than words.

Cruise has been linked to the church for nearly 40 years since his ex-wife Mimi Rogers introduced him to it, per Cheat Sheet. Over the years of involvement, he has allegedly tried recruiting stars, had marriages end over it, and even had the church cast new partners.


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