After a Dutch woman posted a meme about euthanasia, netizens complained: “Sleep well.”


After a Dutch woman posted a meme about euthanasia


After a Dutch woman posted a meme about euthanasia: A 28-year-old blogger in the Netherlands decided to perform legal euthanasia due to long-term myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome). While enjoying the last days of her life, she wrote her last words on the social platform X The sentimental text, humorously coupled with a meme of a child wearing sunglasses and giving a thumbs up, attracted many netizens to come and wish her well, saying “This is a cool exit, goodbye my dear” and “May you find peace.”

According to a report by foreign media “UNILAD”, Lauren Hoeve suffers from autism, anxiety disorder, and ADHD, and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in 2019, which caused her frequent headaches, and difficulty concentrating and thinking. Power decline. In 2022, she chose to apply for euthanasia and began recording her health status on her blog in the same year.

Lauren claimed to be a “stay-at-home cat parent” on her blog and shared her experience of applying for euthanasia. When she first told the doctor that she wanted to voluntarily euthanasia, although the doctor respected Lauren’s wishes, he also based Her mental state rejected her, so Lauren was placed on the waiting list for euthanasia. It was not until she was diagnosed as “mentally sound” in April 2023 that she officially began the process of waiting for euthanasia.

On January 24, 2024, Lauren excitedly uploaded a post on the social platform I feel less alone and I’m so grateful,” and also quipped, “Please don’t wish me a happy trip, I wish I could go on vacation to the beach.”

On the day of euthanasia, January 27, Lauren PO posted the last post of her life, saying frankly, “Thank you, everyone, for your love. I want to take more rest, be with the people I love, and enjoy myself.” The last morbid meme,” along with a meme that read “I was euthanized.” Her parents later confirmed that Lauren passed away peacefully at 1:55 pm that day, with relatives and friends by her side.

It is understood that in April 2001, the Netherlands passed the “End of Life with Dignity and Assisted Suicide” bill, and officially legalized euthanasia on April 1, 2002. The relevant bill allows people to choose euthanasia under the guidance of professional medical care, and euthanasia The application must be based on the patient’s firm will, as well as the intolerable and untreatable disease, and the final consultation with one or more doctors.

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