A woman has found a secret room in her house that is full of scary paintings

A secret room full of scary paintings: A woman on TikTok caused a stir by sharing a video of a secret room she found in her house.

On October 23, TikTok user @bigbrah1 uploaded a video of him opening the door to a secret room he found in his house. This clip shows the walls in pink, green, and white colors. There were also paintings of butterflies, hand prints, and drawings that looked like they were drawn by children.

A secret room full of scary paintings 1
TikTok / @bigbrah1

You might find it creepy with these descriptions of this room, but what really freaked viewers out was the words “Love Shack” written on the wall.
Many expressed their eerie feelings in the comments. One user wrote: “The weirdest moods…shack love? Legs?”
“Is this adorable or horrible?” asked another.


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Many commenters told the user to notify the authorities to see if anything was worth investigating.
Sharing the sentiments of most users, one user commented, “As I was smiling, my face immediately fell and I became physically ill.”
In an updated video, the user shared that he turned it into a storage room and threw out the paintings found in the room.

However, she shared that the room could only be for children by trying to stand in the room and pretending to hunch over.

However, there has been no update or further explanation about the room since then.

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