A Resurfaced 2016 Debate Clip of Hillary Clinton Proves That She Was Right About Donald Trump’s Whiny ‘Rigged’ Claims

A Resurfaced 2016 Debate Clip of Hillary Clinton: The interpretation of the Donald Trump era in history books will undoubtedly be intriguing, especially considering that there was an individual who foresaw the repercussions of his presidency. Many of the warnings issued by this individual turned out to be prophetic. A recently resurfaced clip from the 2016 presidential debate involving Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump serves as evidence that Clinton possessed insightful foresight long before Trump assumed office.

This clip was shared on a Twitter account, which referred to it as “an incredibly thorough and forceful dissection of Trump’s baseless ‘rigged’ allegations.” Here’s a brief excerpt from Clinton’s remarks during the debate: “Whenever Donald perceives things not going his way, he resorts to claiming that the system is rigged against him. The FBI conducted a year-long investigation into my emails and concluded that there was no case. However, he insisted that the FBI was biased. He faced losses in the Iowa caucus and the Wisconsin primary, and then he declared that the Republican primary was stacked against him.”

The former Secretary of State characterized this behavior as a “mindset” embedded in Donald Trump’s approach. She highlighted, “This is Donald’s way of thinking. It’s both amusing and deeply concerning. Yet, it contradicts the principles our democracy is built upon. Across 240 years of existence, we have upheld free and fair elections and accepted outcomes even when they weren’t in our favor.” She went on to stress, “This is the standard that anyone participating in a general election debate should be held to.” Remarkably, it almost seems as if Clinton had a glimpse into the future, as Trump’s interference in the 2020 election played a role in his subsequent legal indictment.


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