A proud rodent tidying up the shed, this Welsh tidy mouse has been sneaking into Rodney Holbrook’s shed every night.


A proud rodent tidying up the shed


AA proud rodent tidying up the shed: A mouse-proud rodent has been caught on camera tidying up a man’s shed. 75-year-old Rodney Holbrook, who lives in Powys, is a keen wildlife photographer.

But he got more than he bargained for when items in his shed were mysteriously put away at night.
“I’ve got a little box where I’ve got some nuts in that I can feed to the birds and I’ve got lots of other food in my bins and things,” he told Sky News.

“One morning I went in early October and there were no nuts in there and I thought I put nuts in yesterday.”

After the nuts disappeared on several occasions, some items started being put in the box.
“I had lots of bits of stuff I had on my bench all put in there and I thought I’m going to set up a night camera,” he said.

A proud rodent tidying up the shed-1
picture: Animal News Agency


“So I set that up and that’s where I get these incredible videos of the mouse doing what it does.”
The rodent – named Welsh Tidy Mouse – might not be a resident of the shed, according to Mr. Holbrook, but he’s there tidying “every night”.
“I haven’t found out how it’s getting in so I don’t think it’s living in there. It could be,” he added.

A proud rodent tidying up the shed-2
Welsh Tidy Mouse has been caught on camera tidying. Pic: Animal News Agency


While the tidy mouse may be the cleanliness culprit, it’s occasionally joined by some friends.
“It’s only the one doing it, but I’ve had one video where I saw two on there, or three counting the one tidying up,” Mr. Holbrook added.
“He will eat the odd one or two nuts. I think what it’s doing is piling things on top of it to hide them. This is what I think is happening, to hide the nuts from other mice or anything that might want to get to his stash.”

Despite receiving advice about what Mr Holbrook’s resident cleaner could tidy next, he is keen for the mouse to carry on as normal.
“I’m just leaving it as it is. People have said to me about putting things in to get some sort of funny videos,” he said.
“But I just leave it naturally. Just naturally let whatever’s going to happen happen.”

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