A new technique for begging in Paris, homeless people take advantage of human weaknesses to get people to donate money.


A new technique for begging in Paris


A new technique for begging in Paris: Paris, France is a dream city in the minds of many people. An American Internet celebrity chose to move to Paris 6 years ago. However, she recently discovered that homeless people on the streets there were begging deceptively, and decided to make a video to remind tourists to be careful of being deceived.

According to the Daily Mail, 34-year-old Amanda Rollins moved to Paris, France from Massachusetts six years ago. She often shares bits and pieces of her life in France or travel tips on social media, thus attracting nearly one million fans.

Recently, she posted a video on TikTok saying that she discovered that street residents’ begging methods on the street had become a “cheating method” and she urged tourists to be careful when visiting France. Rawlings said that street residents would deliberately use transparent cups to beg. Usually, they would put some change in the cup and deliberately place the cup in the middle of the road where people come and go. Once someone knocks over the cup, they will use it to force the other person to beg. Donate money.


Clear cup scam in Paris. These guys are out here every day and the police control them constantly. They can get agressive with you so just keep walking if it ever happens to you. #parisscam

♬ original sound – Amanda Rollins

She mentioned that these homeless people stay in fixed places, but they are not begging, but cheating through the above-mentioned methods, so the police will also come to the scene to crack down on them. Rollins herself had an encounter where the other party yelled at her after she knocked over a cup and refused to donate money.

Rollins said the scam is based on the idea that the person being kicked down will feel guilty and cough up the money. If not, the homeless person will become aggressive until the person pays. She reminded me that if you encounter this kind of deception when visiting Paris, don’t donate money to the other party even if the other party curses loudly, just leave.

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