A man who came back to life after three months, his family found out that they buried someone else instead of their child.


A man who came back to life after three months


A man who came back to life after three months: A man in the United States was pronounced dead by a medical examiner as a result of an overdose. After his body was cremated, his ashes were returned to his family in October last year. Unexpectedly, three months later, his family received a call from the man who thought he was a ghost. It turned out to be an accident.

“Weekly King” combined with reports from the “Daily Mail” and other foreign media, 23-year-old Tyler Chase from Oregon, USA, was pronounced guilty of overdose by the Multnomah County medical examiner in November last year. And died.

After his body was cremated on October 1, the relevant authorities returned the ashes to his family for safekeeping. It was not until three months later, on December 19, that Taylor’s family received a notice from the Medical Examiner’s Office, telling them that Taylor was not dead. During this period, he lived in a drug rehabilitation center.

When Taylor was interviewed later, he explained that he had not contacted his family for many years and had no fixed place to live due to drug addiction problems. Therefore, he had been living in a drug rehabilitation center until one day when his food relief benefits were suddenly cut off. After questioning, the personnel suddenly discovered that he was legally declared “dead”.

He revealed that when he went to the Department of Homeland Security to inquire about welfare issues, the staff checked his personal information and found that he had been marked dead. Later, the forensic personnel told him that his identity was found in his wallet when they were found on the deceased. The certificate will confuse the wrong person.

In response, a spokesperson for Monoma County issued a statement saying that the authorities deeply regretted the mistaken identification and promised to require fingerprinting in the future to ensure that this does not happen again.


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