A Man Finds Comfort in Equine Therapy: Paçoca the Horse Brings Joy to Bedridden João

Equine Therapy: João, the father of Audrie Spake, has been facing numerous health challenges since an accident left him bedridden. While doctors have been tirelessly working to aid his physical healing, João recently received a visitor who aimed to mend his heart as well.

Introducing Paçoca: The Equine Therapy  Who Will Melt Your Heart

Enter Paçoca, an equine therapy horse who collaborates with volunteers from the nonprofit organization Coletivo Inclusão. Their mission is to reach out to individuals with special needs, and the impact they make is truly remarkable. One of the activities that the NGO promotes is equine therapy, which involves using horses as a form of intervention within an interdisciplinary framework in the fields of health, education, and horsemanship.

Paçoca: The Therapy Horse Who Knows How to Spread Love and Comfort

Paçoca didn’t hesitate to give comfort to bedridden João. Spake shared a heartwarming video that depicted the moment Paçoca paid a visit to her father. In a remarkable display of intuition, the horse seemed to sense the kind of connection João needed the most. With great tenderness, Paçoca nestled against the man’s chest, creating a serene exchange of solace and affection. “He stayed close to the father the whole time, and it was beautiful!” Spake shared.

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A few years ago, João had an accident on his way to work that left him unable to walk and speaking very little. Since then, his daughter has been taking care of him every day while looking for new ways to stimulate his body and spirit. In that sense, equine therapy has done him a lot of good.

The Healing Power of Horses: How Equine Therapy Can Transform Lives

Equine therapy has certain benefits for patients. It aims to promote the biopsychosocial development of individuals with disabilities and/or special needs. Horses are majestic and helpful animals, benefiting us through riding and therapy. They not only enhance motor skills and neurological functions but also may surprise us with their sense of humor, offering positive treatment.

For equine therapy to be effective, the therapy setting must be quiet, calm, and free from excessive noise, as both the therapists and the horses require a relaxed, secure, and confident environment. Sometimes, it can involve a riding session.

In conclusion, João’s experience with Paçoca illustrates the profound emotional benefits that equine therapy can have on individuals facing physical and emotional challenges. It is a testament to the remarkable power of animals to provide comfort and support to those in need.

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