A man died after getting A live octopus stuck in the throat

A live octopus stuck in the throat: An 82-year-old man has sadly died after eating and choking on a raw octopus dish.

Emergency services in the southern city of Guangzhou were called on Monday (October 23). When they arrived at the scene, medics were unable to revive the man, who was later pronounced dead.

The local South Korean delicacy known as “san-naked” (which literally translates to “live octopus”) is known as a dangerous meal. The tentacles keep moving, and the suckers stick to people’s throats during consumption.

Renowned for its salty, sticky flavor with a chewy consistency, san-nakji is made by crushing live octopus and tossing it with sesame oil before serving immediately while the tentacles are still moving. Even though the octopuses are dead, they continue to move due to continued neural activity.

Doctors stunned to find OCTOPUS in patientâs oesophagus
Jam Press/AGA Institute

The dish is said to have gained popularity after a scene in the 2004 film Oldboy, in which the main character was shown eating a live octopus at a sushi restaurant.

According to the Korea Herald, such tragedies are not unusual in this country.

Data from the Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters showed that between 2007 and 2012, three people died of suffocation as a result of consuming the food.

Two more cases were reported in 2013, and another 70-year-old man died in 2019.

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