A hiker’s image difference test, can you find 3 image differences within 5 seconds?

A hiker’s image difference test: Find the only correct solution to the new visual challenge by activating your level of concentration and observation. Will you be as clever as you say? Prove it right here.

Today, at Galgoli, we are going to put you to the test with a new challenge made for geniuses. The online exercise will help you discover if you have a high observation capacity that is superior to the challenge.

Next, you will face one of the most complex visual challenges on social networks. Do you think this is a common character taking a hike during his vacation? Don’t trust yourself because there is more than one error.

Every day, thousands of people of all ages seek to demonstrate their level of ingenuity by solving the most popular mental tests on the Internet. Among them are visual challenges where your mission is to find the differences between two images.

If these types of exercises sound familiar to you, then you will have no problems trying to solve the riddle below.

A hiker’s image difference test

A hiker's image difference test-1
image source: Pinterest



A hiker’s image difference test. Find the 3 differences in 5 seconds

In the image, you will see a character heading to a new adventure in the mountains. He has in his hand a cane and a backpack with the necessary elements to have an incredible experience. However, there are three differences between the first and second photographs. This is where you must activate your ingenuity.

You will have 5 seconds to find the errors between the images, so we advise you to pay attention so that you can overcome the visual challenge. Try to respect the time limit because only then can your participation be counted as valid.
Could you find the differences? Here the solution











Answered A hiker’s image difference test


If you looked closely at the images in the 10 seconds, we trust that you have found the answers.

Despite their similarity, it is evident that there are differences between the two photographs. Did you manage to find them all? Compare your answers below.

The solution to the visual challenge of the differences was in the shape of the green clothing item, the back, and the cap that the character was wearing. These were the only answers to the mental exercise.


A hiker's image difference test-2
image source: Pinterest



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