A dog who was sent to the vet after drinking alcohol in his owner’s closet

A dog that drinks alcohol: The owner of his husky/shepherd mix was upset after realizing his dog had managed to down a bottle of Bailey’s and vodka from the cupboard, luckily the dog was completely fine the next day with no problems – or hangovers.

In the viral clip shared on TikTok, Mary (@mcgat1) showed her guilty dog Max sitting quietly on the carpet.

“It’s empty here,” he told his 35 million viewers while holding a bottle of Baileys in front of the camera. “It was probably more than half full.”
Mary then took a second bottle of alcohol with about a quarter of the vodka she said she had consumed.
“Jack, try to walk, come on,” he called to the dog.

A dog that drinks alcohol 1

Hilariously, Jack tried to act sober before realizing his inability to walk straight.

“It’s not funny, but my dog is drunk and I don’t know what to do about it,” said Mary Bean, laughing.

Of course, people were concerned about the dog’s condition, but it didn’t take long for people to see the funny side of it.

One TikToker quipped: “Get her a wrap and a Lucozade, be just like the rain tomorrow.”

“I think it’s time for an intervention,” joked a third.
Fortunately, Jack was stabilized after spending the night at the vet, having his blood drawn, and being monitored by specialists.

“Jack is perfectly fine,” she said. The next day he got a phone call from the vet saying, “He’s fine, he’s just kidding, he’s not even hungover.”

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