50 Cent Angrily Throws Microphone at Fan, Injuring Her, During Concert Meltdown


50 Cent Angrily Throws Microphone at Fan


50 Cent Angrily Throws Microphone at Fan: 50 Cent’s Moment of Rage Occurs During California Concert, Injuring Female Fan

50 Cent had a heavily criticized and dangerous angry outburst during his recent concert in Los Angeles, California, where he threw his microphone directly at one of the show’s spectators.

The incident did not originate from any possible mocking or provocation by the fan, but rather because the “In Da Club” artist experienced two microphone failures during the performance itself, which provoked his anger to the point of throwing the instruments toward the sound technician’s area.

However, one of the microphones hit a woman directly in the forehead, who ended up injured and even had to be taken to a hospital, where, as shown in the images shared by TMZ, she sustained a laceration.

50 Cent Angrily Throws Microphone at Fan
image source: TMZ

According to the aforementioned media outlet, the fan who 50 Cent threw his microphone at later gave statements to the police.

According to her account, the rapper even looked at her before throwing his vocal instrument. That is, the musician was aware that there was someone there who could suffer physical harm, as happened.

As expected, the composer’s latest post filled up with comments criticizing his actions and even asking him to apologize to the injured woman.

50 Cent Angrily Throws Microphone at Fan-2
image source: TMZ

“You need to apologize to that poor woman,” “So now we throw microphones at people? 50, you’re better than that!” and “That fan has a hole in her forehead. Relax with the tantrums,” were some of the messages that could be read in response to 50 Cent’s silence on the case so far.

Video: 50 Cent Throws Microphone at Concert Attendee

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