Can you spot the 3 differences in the Sailor? Solve this challenge in 7 seconds?

Can you find the 3 differences in the sailor? Dare to overcome this challenge in 7 seconds.
This time you will have to review a new visual exercise that will end your boring daily routine in record time. Are you ready?

find the 3 differences in the sailor

Are you looking for the best visual exercises? If your answer is affirmative, then you have come to the right place where you will see this game from Galgoli. Next, we will present you with a new challenge that will require your visual capacity to the maximum to find lost objects in seconds.

find the 3 differences in the sailor-1
image source: Dumapp

Before starting this new challenge, we recommend that you avoid any distraction, observe every detail of the image, have a lot of patience, not cheat, and stay 100% focused on the established time. The reason? 99% failed this test.

answer find the 3 differences in the sailor

Next, try to find the 3 differences in the sailor within a time limit of 7 seconds. Are you ready? We wish you good luck, only then can you pass the test in the first attempt and challenge your friends.
Didn’t make it? Don’t feel bad, we’ll give you a second chance to show that you’re a GENIUS at solving the most complicated cases, but you’ll only have a time limit of 3 seconds to not reduce its difficulty.

find the 3 differences in the sailor-2
image source: Dumapp.


If you’re interested in more visual challenges, visit Galgoli.

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