250 dogs killed by monkeys in India from the top of the trees to the cliff


250 dogs killed by monkeys in India from the top of the trees to the cliff


250 dogs killed by monkeys in India: a group of monkeys killed more than 250 dogs in Maharashtra, India, recently. According to village residents, they witnessed the dog being dragged to the tops of trees and buildings by monkeys before being thrown onto a cliff, where it died tragically on the spot.

According to the “Daily Star” report, the murder occurred in the local villages of Majalgaon and Laval. In Majalgaon village alone, about 250 dogs were killed. The number of Lavoul villages is not yet known.

According to reports, the incident occurred in retaliation after a group of dogs killed a baby monkey in a group of monkeys.

Currently, these residents live in fear because there have been many incidents of monkeys trying to attack humans in the past.

Indian monkeys responsible for multiple murders
This is not the first time an attack by a group of monkeys has occurred in India. Recently, a 6-year-old little girl was sitting on the second-floor balcony of her home with her grandfather when she saw monkeys suddenly appear. The little girl was so frightened that she rushed out and unexpectedly jumped from the roof. He rolled over the edge and fell to his death.

In response, the little girl’s family said sadly: “While others were downstairs, she was chatting with her grandfather on the balcony of the house. Suddenly we heard a cry for help. Before we could climb upstairs, we heard There was a loud bang and she was found lying in a pool of blood.”

In addition, on November 12 last year, elsewhere in the same area, a 66-year-old resident was bitten to death by a monkey while going to the toilet. According to reports, the cause of death was that the resident’s hand was bitten and he bled to death.

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