People living in Antarctica cross all 24 time zones on Christmas Day

24 time zones on Christmas Day: How would you like to celebrate December 25? Maybe by losing weight eating baked potatoes, or turning on the gas until 10 am?

However, Christmas Day is not all fun and relaxation for some people. Some like to spend it exercising and taking in some of the most spectacular sights anywhere on Earth.

People living in Antarctica have found a unique way to pass the time during the festive period by jogging through the icy landscape.

And because of Antarctica’s unique location, those taking part in this very modern tradition can cross all 24 time zones on Christmas Day.
Michel Endo has spent a whole year working at one of the three permanent stations in Antarctica. Specifically, he works at the point closest to the geographic South Pole.

cross all 24 time zones on Christmas Day

Michelle said of the workers’ community [via Unilad]: “On the morning of Christmas Station, we do a fun run called ‘Race Around the World.’

“It’s a 5k course that rotates around the geographic South Pole so that participants can run ‘around the world’ in all 24 time zones.

“Some contestants take it seriously, while others like to dress up in fun costumes to do it,” she added.

It’s the little things that make all the difference and boosts morale.
As far as Christmas Day traditions go, it’s about as unique as it gets.

cross all 24 time zones on Christmas Day 1
Me and my trusty ears at the Geographic South Pole | Photo: Jeff Capps

At its busiest time of year during the summer, Antarctica is home to about 5,000 people. While only about 1000 people live there during the cold winter months.

While Antarctica may be the only continent on Earth without natural human habitation, it turns out that the “Antarctic accent” is very much a thing.
Despite the lack of locals, thousands of scientists have formed a changing population at the research stations over the years.

The continent is so isolated and the level of interaction between researchers is so intense that a common accent emerges despite people coming from different parts of the world.

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