19-month-old giant baby fits into 4-year-old brother’s clothes!

giant baby: Xaylen, a 19-month-old baby, has been described by his mother as a “happy bowling ball” due to his impressive size. Despite being born at a typical weight, Xaylen now weighs an astonishing 31 pounds and has been growing at a remarkable rate. To truly appreciate his size, one must witness firsthand just how big and adorable Xaylen is.

giant baby fits into 4-year-old brother's clothes

the giant baby wasn’t born very big.

Although he wasn’t born very big, his mother, 31-year-old Salitza Richard, has expressed concern about his rapid growth after birth. Xaylen grew so quickly that he was already fitting into 12-18 month clothes at only six months old. In fact, he has grown so much that he can now share clothes with his four-year-old brother, Judah.

Salitza, who is an athlete trainer, jokingly remarks that her youngest son’s size and delayed walking have resulted in her having much bigger biceps. She noted, “It was unbelievable how quickly he grew. At every doctor’s visit, he was above the 100th percentile.”

19-month-old giant baby
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His rapid growth has been remarkable.

Xaylen’s rapid growth has been remarkable, and his size has already attracted attention from sports teams. Salitza anticipates that her son will be tall when he grows up, and some high schools have already expressed interest in having him as a player on their teams. Salitza noted, “My husband works with NFL athletes and people are already saying to start trailing him and get him on the team now.”

While his size may have delayed his ability to walk, Xaylen has recently started walking and is thoroughly enjoying it. He also loves to eat and isn’t picky about food. Salitza shared, “If you give him food, he’s happy, he’s so chill, and he eats a lot. He eats his food and will then eat whatever Judah leaves and will then try and eat more.”

giant baby
Credit: Caters

Despite initial concerns about his health, Xaylen’s doctor has assured his mother that everything is perfectly fine It’s amazing to see how big and adorable Xaylen is, and it’s clear that he has a bright future ahead of him! Although Xaylen’s body is big, some babies are born with big heads compared to the rest of their size, and science has some amazing things to say about those cuties.

If you have concerns about your child’s development or cognitive abilities, it’s always a good idea to talk to your pediatrician. They can help evaluate your child’s growth and development and provide guidance on any further testing or monitoring that may be needed.

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