14 people died as a result of drinking alcohol during wedding ceremonies

14 people died as a result of drinking alcohol: According to reports, fourteen people died after drinking alcohol at a wedding in Indonesia. It is said that the condition of four other people is also critical.

The victims are said to have bought alcohol for the event on Saturday (October 28). The youngest person was 16 years old.

Subang police chief of criminal investigation Herman Saputra announced the news to local news outlets.
He said: “Until Tuesday, the number of victims related to alcohol has reached 18 people, 14 of whom died and four others were hospitalized.”
Since then, police have arrested one person in connection with the incident. There are more reports of local people vandalizing a place they suspected of selling fake liquor.

14 people died as a result of drinking alcohol during wedding
A couple has been arrested after the deadly wedding. Source: Sinar Lampung

In many provinces of Indonesia, the sale of alcohol in ordinary supermarkets and local shops is limited. However, alcohol is available in hotels, bars and restaurants.
A 30-year-old man who drank alcohol at a wedding shared his experience with the Jakarta Globe, saying he felt nauseous the next day. Reports indicated that his condition worsened and he was hospitalized.

“I’m doing much better now,” he told reporters from his hospital bed on Wednesday (November 1).
Unfortunately, a mother lost her 20-year-old son as a result of this incident.

“I received this devastating news from my relatives in Subang when I was in Lombok. My eldest son died,” he said at a public cemetery in Jalancagak.

He added: I hope we don’t have another victim, I trust the law enforcement authorities to deal with this case.

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