A family searching for a lost earring in their garden found a 1,200-year-old Viking treasure

1,200-year-old Viking treasure: A family in Norway got more than they expected when they ventured into their garden to search for a lost gold earring.

The Asvik family decided to utilize a metal detector in their home on the small island of Jomfruland to locate the missing jewel.

As they approached a large tree, the device signaled that it had detected something, prompting the family to start digging.

To their astonishment, they unearthed several Viking artifacts, including a bowl-shaped buckle and two bronze pins that had once been adorned with gold.

Officials took to Facebook to commend the family for reporting and sharing news of this rare discovery.

The Vestfold Heritage and Telemark County Council wrote, “Congratulations to the family who made the first Viking find in Jomfruland.”

Archaeologist Vibek Leah, in an interview with Live Science, stated that the pins are in remarkable condition compared to many other metal detector finds. It is speculated that this is due to the land being undisturbed, as it has never been used for agriculture.

1,200-year-old Viking treasure

Leah further explained, “The next step is to assess whether the site is at risk of damage. If it is deemed safe, it will likely not be excavated but preserved in its current location.”

This recent find suggests that Vikings once inhabited the island, and it is not the first time ancient artifacts have been discovered in the area.

In the southwestern part of Jomfruland, researchers had previously come across piles of loose stones known as cairns, which are suspected to have been erected by Vikings to mark their claim to the land. However, these claims have not been fully confirmed.

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