10-foot-tall aliens were spotted on top of a hill in Brazil

10-foot-tall aliens: Two terrifying 10-foot-tall aliens are said to have been spotted on top of a hill in Brazil. Suspicious aliens were filmed by a shocked onlooker.

Eyewitness Sarah Dillett said she was walking with family members when they encountered the mysterious figures. They were seen on the island of Ilha do Mel in Brazil. Sara, from Brasilia, said it was impossible to reach the top of the hill where they were or to communicate with them.

He said the aliens moved very quickly and appeared to be about 9 feet 8 inches (3 meters) tall.

The government of the state of ParanĂ¡ clarified the alleged observation. A state government spokesman said: “Our summer is out of this world. Even strange creatures come here to enjoy our coastline.

“Wow, Peter Crouch might not be able to go camping anymore,” said resident Marcio.

10-foot-tall aliens
’10ft tall aliens’ spotted on a hilltop in Brazil Jam Press

“This figure is really weird,” another said of one of them. “It has weird arm movements.” I believe it. “We are not the only inhabitants of this world.”

“Looking closely at the pictures, it’s a real person,” one said. “It looks like the person had binoculars or a camera.” It’s a T-shirt tied around his head.”

“Guys are there and they’re like, ‘Why are a bunch of crazy people filming us?'” Allen noted.

“The poor guy probably took a long time to climb that hill, and then some gossipy tourist takes a video of him on his phone and says, ‘That’s ET,'” Jose commented.

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