A man was fined $1.4 million for speeding!

$1.4 million for speeding: A man has been slapped with a $1.4 million fine for driving 35 mph over the speed limit, causing a stir.

While a TikTok couple recently faced criticism for including a speed sheet on their wedding registry, for Connor Cato, who was speeding in Savannah, Georgia while driving on the highway on September 2nd, going over the speed limit was definitely not a choice.

Cato openly admitted to WSAV-TV that he was traveling at 90 mph in a 55 mph zone, fully expecting a substantial fine when he was caught by the Georgia State Patrol.

The surprise of the driver of the fine of $1.4 million for speeding

The driver explained that he anticipated a hefty penalty but was taken aback when he saw the seven-figure amount on the charge sheet.

Cato recounted that he contacted the court, assuming there had been an error, only to be informed that he had to either pay the $1.4 million fine or appear in court.

“On the phone, the lady told me it was $1.4 million,” he explained. “I suggested it might be a typo, but she replied, ‘No sir, you either pay the fine or come to court on December 21st at 1:30 p.m.'”

A man was fined $1.4 million for speeding!
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The staggering sum surprised legal experts, including criminal defense attorney Sne Patel, who stated that it was the highest amount she had ever encountered for a crime.

Patel explained to WSAV that such figures typically correspond to offenses like drug trafficking, murder, or aggravated assault.

Fortunately for Cato, it turned out that the figure was merely an “alternative” and he would not be required to pay such an exorbitant amount.

Joshua Peacock, spokesperson for the Savannah city government, clarified that the amount was generated by electronic citation software, which automatically classified Cato as a “speeder” due to his 35 mph over-the-limit speed.

In reality, the actual fine amount is determined by a judge and, according to Georgia law, cannot exceed $1,000 plus associated costs — a more reasonable outcome for Cato.

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